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Exportverpackung Sehnde has implemented an important measure to ensure efficient communication. The customer portal gives customers access to all documents and photos relevant to their order from anywhere in the world.
All documents relating to orders are presented here in a very clear way, protected by individual user names and passwords.

After a brief and successful test phase, the Exportverpackung Sehnde customer portal went live in September 2012.
This enabled customers and staff to exchange information even more efficiently than before using state-of-the-art communication technology.

When processing shipment projects, it is essential that all involved parties and persons are kept continuously up to date.
While traditional media such as e-mail fulfil these tasks, they nonetheless have some serious limitations that should not be underestimated:

  • Is the e-mail distribution list up-to-date and complete?
  • With the massive amount of e-mails sent these days, are the e-mails actually logged or read?
  • E-mail attachments clog up mailboxes, and are they archived systematically so that the right information is always immediately available?
  • How orderly is the organisation and how clear is it what is current and what is historic?

Not only is it childishly simple to find and call up relevant information, but participation and active use make the customer portal an interactive hub for information exchange. Shared calendars and planning tools, interactively used documents and worldwide availability on the Internet are just some of the many advantages of the new portal.
Many customers have been convinced after only a short demonstration.

Information exchange is now up-to-date and flexible and information always reaches the correct recipients.
Give it a try! Get in touch with us and we will be happy to demonstrate to you how easy, efficient and targeted communication can be.