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Secure air freight. As a certified Regulated Agent, we ensure your goods reach their destination securely

Sichere LuftfrachtSince the attacks on September 11, 2001, aviation security requirements are continuously being stepped up. This affects goods shipments as well as people. Since 2002, special regulations have applied in Europe to everyone who is in any way involved in the supply chain of an air shipment. This is the reason for the “Security Declaration” which the involved parties sign to confirm that they comply with the requirements of the German Federal Aviation Office.

The European parliament’s EU directive No. 300/2008 came into force on 29 April 2010. This contains new rules on how companies must handle their air freight in civilian aviation. The terms “Known Consignor” and “Regulated Agent” have also been redefined.


The old Known Consignor Security Declarations became invalid as of 25 March 2013.

As a general rule, only air freight with the status “secure” (SPX Secured for Passenger Aircraft or SCO Secured for Cargo Aircraft Only) may be loaded into aircraft designated for this purpose. For those wanting to ship their products by air freight in future, therefore, there are two options for obtaining this security status.


Ship air freight “securely” yourself

Shipping air freight “securely” yourself is only possible, however, if the Federal Aviation Office officially approves you as a Known Consignor. As the shipper, you yourself are then responsible for sufficiently protecting the identifiable air freight or airmail from unauthorised access and tampering on your premises. This may necessitate structural and infrastructural modifications. All processes and measures relevant for air freight must be listed in an air cargo security plan. In addition, the responsible personnel must complete regular training. The Federal Aviation Office periodically performs spot checks to ensure that the measures stated in the air cargo security plan are observed.
If these requirements are fulfilled, the Known Consignor’s identified air cargo does not require another security check. However, the cargo is only accorded “secure” status if all the participating companies in the supply chain are also certified as “secure”. A haulage firm, for example, must have Regulated Agent status.

Reglementierter Beauftragter


Ship air freight “securely” using Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH

Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is a Regulated Agent that carries out the necessary security checks in accordance with the statutory requirements and in consultation with the aviation companies. This takes into account the specific characteristics of the air cargo in question (e.g. density and weight). As a “Regulated Agent”, Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is able to convert air freight from “non-secure” to “secure” status.

Reglementierter Beauftragter Verpackung

The benefits for you with Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH

Working with us gives you a host of crucial advantages:

  • You do not require time- and cost-intensive certification as a Known Consignor.
  • Dispatching goods in “non-secure” status saves costs, because you do not need to use another Regulated Agent to transport them to Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH.
  • Your goods are converted to “secure” status using the legally prescribed security measures.
  • Your secure goods are stored in a screened-off, secure area until they are packaged.
  • Your goods can be checked, added to and sometimes even processed at any time before packaging under the supervision of trained personnel.
  • Your goods are only packaged and handled by trained personnel.
  • Because your packaged goods are kept in a screened-off, secure storage area until they are transported onwards, you do not need to commit to a departure airport at an early stage.
  • If the goods are secured early in the process, the packages do not need to be opened at the airport. This means no loss of valuable time for additional, costly security checks and possible unpacking and repacking. Furthermore, if packaged export goods are opened at the airport, all warranties for the packaging and the associated protection against corrosion are invalidated. Professional repackaging is often not possible.

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Secure air freight – our information booklet.

We would be happy to send you our information booklet in paper format if you wish. You can also view the PDF version online. (German)

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