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Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is an expert partner for secure handling of your goods that you wish to ship by air freight. We are a Regulated Agent, RAC No. DE/RA/00956-01/0317.
At our site, we tailor the security measures to the requirements of your goods.
We offer you optimised door-to-door times from dispatch to delivery.
We monitor and document your project professionally and reliably.
Our packaging is custom designed for you using state-of-the-art CAD technology. Using a 3D design process, packaging can be checked for functionality, efficiency and stability at the design stage. You can download some examples of products in PDF format here:
special transport construction.pdf
HPE packaging.pdf
To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
We are fully versed in professional packaging to HPE standard (German Federal Association for Wooden Packaging, Pallets and Export Packaging). We package industrial equipment, machines, steelwork, switching systems and other goods for export and domestic transport. Take advantage of our many years’ experience in the export packaging sector and make an appointment with us. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are happy to advise you.
We can also bring our packaging to you. If you require, we can package your goods at your factory or at any other location.
Space is frequently a limiting factor and can restrict productivity in the mechanical engineering sector. We have around 46,000 m² of space where you can store your goods with us until dispatch. We package the equipment that you have stored with us and prepare it for shipment. The packaged goods can also be shipped directly by us on a call-off basis.
Do you ship your equipment by container? We can handle this for you. Packaged or unpackaged, your goods are stowed and secured in containers directly at our premises. Our infrastructure is equipped to handle even very heavy and excessively large goods. Optimum distribution of the packed items in the container is calculated by computer, which saves valuable resources. If you require, we can stow the containers at your premises.
Expecting packaged or unpackaged goods from overseas? We can unload the containers for you and provide you with the goods.
Need personnel in your packaging or dispatch departments? Talk to us! Our experienced expert personnel provide you with the best support.
We organise transport of all kinds. By road, rail, sea or air, we have the perfect solution for you.
Shipping hazardous goods entails particular risks for general freight transportation and requires professional handling and clear documentation. We have specially trained personnel and handle the shipment of hazardous goods for you quickly and easily.
We collect, coordinate, package and ship equipment for your large projects. We assume the role of system partner for the shipment. You can instruct your suppliers to deliver the ordered components directly to us in your name. With our large warehouse and available space, we can also collect components for very large projects, package them and ship them in one or more batches ourselves.
Our drying chamber allows us to treat wooden packaging and dunnage ourselves in accordance with ISPM-15 (IPPC) so that we can respond flexibly to your requirements. This type of wood treatment is now stipulated by many importing countries (see Import regulations).
Our sister company – Holzverpackung Hannover GmbH – permanently stores several thousand cubic metres of solid wood, planks and diverse timber products. This also enables us to respond quickly to requests at short notice.
Located at North Germany’s main transport hub, we are close to the North Range ports such as Bremen, Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam. The A2 motorway running east to west links us to Eastern Europe. Hannover-Langenhagen international airport is also in the near vicinity.
We have numerous packaging facilities and covered storage areas. Each of the facilities is equipped with crane systems with a load-bearing capacity of up to 40 t. We can also move heavy weights easily on our premises thanks to several forklift trucks with lifting power of up to 18 t. Longstanding cooperations mean that we can guarantee transshipment of up to 140 t at short notice.
Our premises have a total area of around 46,000 m². This large area is asphalted throughout and therefore offers excellent versatility for both packaging and loading activities, as well as warehousing and interim storage of equipment, goods and packaging material. Experience, strength and flexibility for an outstanding service!
For the experienced production engineers at Holzverpackung Hannover GmbH, manufacturing customised boxes, crates, pallets and specially designed solutions is all in a day’s work. When it comes to special packaging designs, they’re the experts. Special squared timber designs and packaging design also come under the remit of the experienced production engineers.