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Packaging design.

Geschrieben am 20. November 2013 · Kategorie: News @en

Our packaging is custom designed for you using state-of-the-art CAD technology. Using a 3D design process, packaging can be checked for functionality, efficiency and stability at the design stage.  

Neue Ladezeiten

New loading hours

Geschrieben am 20. August 2013 · Kategorie: News @en

The globalised economy means more and more opportunities for companies to tap into international markets. Opportunities of this magnitude always bring challenges in their wake, however. Managing ever more complex.. read more

New packaging facility

Geschrieben am 20. March 2013 · Kategorie: News @en, Press

SEHNDE – The plan became reality at the start of 2012, when Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH increased its capacity once again at the Sehnde site with the construction of a new,.. read more


Geschrieben am 28. December 2012 · Kategorie: News @en

Exportverpackung Sehnde has implemented an important measure to ensure efficient communication. The customer portal gives customers access to all documents and photos relevant to their order from anywhere in the.. read more

Sichere Luftfracht

Regulated Agent

Geschrieben am 5. May 2012 · Kategorie: News @en

Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is an expert partner for secure handling of your goods that you wish to ship by air freight. At our site in Sehnde in Germany, we are.. read more

One tree for every order

Geschrieben am 5. January 2012 · Kategorie: News @en

Use of wood for fuel and the growing demand from the pulp industry are leading to a constant increase in wood consumption. According to studies by the Johann Heinrich von.. read more