Entdecken Sie den Export-Preisrechner: Fordern Sie spielerisch ein erstes unverbindliches Angebot an.

Our mission. Our corporate principles

There is one goal that drives us every day:

The advancement and success of our customers.


Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH has been owner-run within the corporate group for over 150 years. Short decision-making channels and direct communication both internally and externally create a trust-based and efficient working atmosphere in which reliability and knowledge count. We are particularly committed to ensuring and enhancing quality.


Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is breaking new ground in the export handling sector. New technologies combined with the transfer of knowledge and experiences from different companies and industries offer considerable potential to boost our customers’ business.

Problem solving

Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH is an export management problem solver. We reliably and professionally meet individual packaging requirements, support customers and suppliers, and our administrative management is based on innovative methodological competence. We are at the forefront when it comes to analysis of shipment processes, with the potential to improve still further – an aim which we systematically strive for in practice with every project we undertake. Many well-known companies have already benefited for years from the know-how of Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH.